On May 16, Steve Quirk, the Chief Brokerage Officer at Robinhood, appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to discuss the recent resurgence of meme stock trading and its implications for the market and retail investors.

These were the main highlights of the interview:

  1. Volume and Participation Shifts: Quirk observed a shift in trading volumes compared to previous meme stock rallies. Initially, trading volumes were much higher, but the current volume suggests a more mature, diversified approach by retail investors. Notably, 80% of the newcomers during the initial rally are still with Robinhood, transitioning towards more stable financial vehicles like retirement accounts.
  2. Market Behavior and Volatility: The focus shifted to the discussion about market volatility and investor behavior, with significant trading days not directly linked to meme stocks but rather to major corporate announcements, like Nvidia’s earnings. This shift indicates a broader interest in fundamental investment opportunities over speculative trades.
  3. Market Integrity and Speculation: Quirk expressed concerns similar to those of Jay Clayton, former SEC Chairman, about the integrity of the market when stocks are driven by speculation rather than fundamentals. He highlighted the increased market participation against the backdrop of fewer tradable instruments, leading to potential market concentration and volatility.
  4. Investor Behavior and Speculation: Quirk described how investors view meme stocks as trades rather than long-term investments, contrasting their speculative activities with their core, more stable investments.

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