As the debate over cryptocurrency regulation continues, former advisor to the Ethereum network Steven Nerayoff has become a public voice criticizing the approach taken by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) towards crypto, especially under the leadership of the agency’s Chairman Gary Gensler. N

erayoff’s criticism goes beyond regulatory policy to consider the wider ramifications for the cryptocurrency market, citing the harm done by Gensler and Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum.

Impact On Crypto From Bad Actors

Ethereum‘s security status has been a significant discussion in the crypto industry with the SEC planning enforcement proceedings to regulate ETH as a security. However, the former ETH advisor Steven Nerayoff believes the industry is not at odds with Ethereum, but rather with Joseph Lubin and other negative actors, particularly the SEC chair Gary Gensler.

According to Nerayoff, the Ethereum co-founder and other bad actors have seriously damaged the crypto sector with their actions over time. As a result, crypto’s total market capitalization has declined, hindering ecosystem expansion and defrauding the public of hundreds of billions, possibly trillions of dollars.

He explained that by putting their financial gain ahead of the creation of dApps and true value, the market cap has seen lesser growth in comparison to what Nerayoff had anticipated. “It is clear that if not for them, the market cap could easily be 10x or more of its current value,” he stated.

Nerayoff claims Lubin is the height of ambiguity and uncertainty, trying to play a victim card despite his litigation against the SEC regarding Ethereum and his response to the Commission’s questions concerning MetaMask.

Last month, the SEC filed a Wells Notice to Consensys while mainly aiming at its MetaMask wallet service, indicating a potential regulatory dispute. Lubin, responding to the SEC’s move, claimed that the agency is pursuing a strategic series of enforcement actions instead of having transparent rules and open communication, thereby endangering the crypto landscape.

However, Nerayoff, dissatisfied with Lubin’s response, thinks it is nothing more than a devious scheme from the ETH co-founder, carried out in concert with Gary Gensler and the SEC. 

He further stated that it is evident that Lubin is afraid of his failure and the evidence is there. “From securities fraud to market manipulation, colluding with foreign governments and US government agencies, he has done it all,” Nerayoff stated. These actions, according to Narayoff, committed by Lubin could potentially send him to prison for a long time.

Need For Regulatory Transparency And Growth

Given the negative impact caused by these bad actors over the years, Nerayoff has stressed the need for appropriate supervision and clarity, which are vital for the development of the crypto landscape.

The Ethereum former advisor noted that investors have been harmed due to these wrong actions, and it is only proper that these dishonest people should be brought to justice. “It is time to demand transparency, the industry deserves better than what these bad actors have given it, and it is time to take action to ensure that crypto thrives for the better,” he added.

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