Guess who’s back? It’s none other than the infamous “Roaring Kitty” making waves again on social media after a 3-year hiatus. If you’ve been out of the loop, here’s what you need to know about this meme stock maestro’s resurgence.

Who is Roaring Kitty?

“Roaring Kitty” is the moniker of Keith Gill, a retail trader who gained widespread attention during the Reddit-fueled frenzy around GameStop in 2021. Hailing from Massachusetts, Gill became a symbol of the little guy taking on Wall Street.

Rumour has it, that Keith made over $40 Million on his GameStop trade from entry to top.

The Comeback

After a quiet spell of about three years, Roaring Kitty roared back to life with a flurry of activity on social media. It all started with a simple post on Sunday night—a picture of a gamer leaning forward in concentration. And just like that, the internet exploded with excitement.

This simple tweet got over 24 Million views within a day.

Shortly after, the X account kept a flow of memes going and the internet has been going wild.

Impact on Meme Stocks

Roaring Kitty’s sudden reappearance didn’t just cause a ripple; it created waves in the stock market. Soon after his return, meme stocks like GameStop and AMC experienced massive jumps in their prices. It was a deja vu moment for those who remember the frenzy of 2021.

Random Meme Coin Tickers of Cats

The crypto degens obviously don’t sleep on this. Random cat tickers started popping up and were often pumped & dumped.

One that stood out was $KITTY on Solana. This meme coin has been dead since early April and surged from a market cap of 500k to 30 Million in a matter of minutes.

Tickers like $GME and $BANG printed many meme coin traders a good bag as well.

Some large-cap meme coins also made big moves, $PEPE saw a 20% gain in a day, while $BONK, $WIF, $DOGE and $BOME all saw large green candles.

The Legend Continues

Gill’s connection to the meme stock mania of 2021 is well-documented. His bullish stance on GameStop and updates about his investments became the stuff of legend. In fact, his story even made it to the silver screen in the movie “Dumb Money.”

Setting the Record Straight

Despite the hype surrounding him, Gill has maintained that his social media posts were purely educational. During his testimony to Congress, he emphasized that his investment decisions were based on publicly available information. Far from being a manipulative mastermind, he presented himself as someone who genuinely believed in the value of GameStop.

Final Thoughts

Love him or hate him, Roaring Kitty’s return is a reminder of the power of individual investors in the ever-changing landscape of finance. Whether he’s sparking stock surges or sharing investment insights, one thing’s for sure: the roar of the Kitty isn’t fading away anytime soon.

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