Viral Telegram-based game Notcoin paused its gameplay in April ahead of its imminent token launch, but it didn’t come as quickly as expected. Multiple launch estimates came and went, but now it appears that the NOT token really is just days away.

Notcoin’s NOT token, which will be minted on The Open Network (TON), will be listed on May 16, the project announced overnight. At least two crypto exchanges—OKX and Bybit—have lined up to support the rollout.

OKX will hold a “Jumpstart” campaign around NOT, rewarding customers for staking their Toncoin (TON) by giving them a share of Notcoin tokens. The campaign begins on May 13, ahead of the listing on May 16, with 1.28 billion NOT tokens being offered to OKX users. That’s 1.25% of the total NOT token supply. Bybit has not announced any rewards.

It’s not yet clear when the claim process will begin for Notcoin players who earned NOT through the Telegram-based game. Notcoin co-creator Sasha Plotvinov recently told Decrypt’s GG that the game will offer options to transfer their NOT tokens to a centralized exchange or withdraw the tokens to a self-custody wallet.

Notcoin became a viral sensation earlier this year, handing out trillions of in-game coins as players relentlessly tapped the image of a token. Ultimately, the game attracted some 35 million players as users mined a share of the upcoming airdrop.

After closing its “mining phase” on April 1 and shutting down the game, Notcoin said that it would launch the token on April 20 alongside the Bitcoin halving—but then the target was delayed as the team said it needed more time to ensure a smooth launch. NOT was then targeting a launch by the end of April, but that estimate also passed without a token.

While the initial version of Notcoin is now apparently set to pay off next week, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of this experiment.

Notcoin will continue on with new types of social games and experiences, as well as NOT token rewards—with ambitions to turn the mini-app into the “Netflix of social, viral games,” Plotvinov told Decrypt’s GG.

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