In a thought-provoking discussion at the Bloomberg Tech Summit in San Francisco, Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd shared her vision for the future of dating – one where artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage. Herd proposed a scenario in which singles could rely on AI-powered dating concierges to interact with potential partners on their behalf, streamlining the process and reducing the need for individuals to engage with hundreds of people.

As NBC News reported, the idea of AI dating assistants has gained traction in recent months, with the emergence of profile enhancers like YourMove.AI and simulated chatbots like Volar. As generative AI continues to advance, the possibilities for its application in the romantic realm have sparked both excitement and concern.

The report went on to say that while some view AI as a potential solution to the growing disillusionment with traditional dating apps, others remain skeptical. The concept of AI-powered dating has drawn comparisons to dystopian scenarios depicted in the Netflix series “Black Mirror,” raising questions about the impact on human connection and the potential for increased isolation and loneliness.

Herd, however, maintains that the goal of incorporating AI into the dating process is to foster healthier and more equitable relationships. She envisions AI dating concierges as a tool to help people navigate their dating concerns and provide guidance on effective communication with new matches.

Bumble has already begun integrating AI-powered features into its app, such as the “For You” match recommendation page, spam profile detector, and lewd image blocker. A spokesperson for the company reiterated Bumble’s commitment to creating safe, kind, and authentic connections, emphasizing that AI can play a role in achieving this goal.

Looking to the future, Herd shared that Bumble aims to evolve beyond its current status as a dating app. The company’s vision is to become a comprehensive human connection platform, facilitating connections for various purposes, from finding a hiking buddy to a mahjong partner.

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