• 20% of US adults own cryptocurrencies, according to a new Coinbase survey.
  • 76% of crypto holders say blockchain and crypto are the future.
  • Crypto ownership in the US has risen from 16% in 2021.

A new survey report has shown that 20% of Americans, which translates to more than 66 million of US adults, own cryptocurrencies.  

According to details in the survey by Coinbase, most American adults who own crypto believe blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the future. 

The vast majority of the respondents in the research conducted by Wahington DC-based business intelligence company Morning Consult also think the financial system needs an overhaul. The crypto ecosystem can be a big part of the update, respondents noted.

American HODLers weather crypto winter

2022 was a brutal year for crypto, with price crashes, crypto scams and schemes and bankruptcies, highlighting the overall negative picture that engulfed the industry. However, despite the events and all, the number of people in the US who own digital assets “remained largely unchanged.”

Per the report published on 27 February, 20% of the US adult population (which would be more than 66 million going by projected census as of January 2023) said they own crypto assets. In fact, crypto ownership as of 23 February 2023 was largely comparable to the historic numbers recorded in early 2022. 

However, going by key crypto statistics for US, the number has increased from about 16% in 2021.

It is also noted that 76% of crypto owners see cryptocurrencies and blockchain as the future, with the majority being the younger population. Of these numbers, 54% of Gen Z and 55% of Millennials say crypto is the future.

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